What is the brand?

What is the brand?
16 Sep 2021 / by admin in Life

Recognizing the value and importance of personal branding today is a must. Its influence and importance has increased significantly recently, in all fields. Indeed, if the personal brand is built correctly, it will be a great way to achieve your professional goals, and your success in your working life. Here in this article 10 golden tips to help you build your personal brand in 2021…

The concept of branding has always been directly associated with companies. Reducing it to mere “brand name, company logo, identity, colors, and product” are all these elements that give the actual value to the importance of the brand, and shape the perception that people create for the company.

But in recent poetry years, brand management is no longer just a term associated with companies and commercial organizations only. It has been adopted in a personal way, or what is known as the personal brand, or personal branding, and it has also become associated with people. This concept has become a necessary component for any person, and an important and main way to achieve success in business through social media platforms or various content management platforms.

What is a personal brand?

A personal brand is the image that people see of you. Although this definition may seem generic, it is much deeper, because personal brands bring together all the things people remember about you, not just a company logo.

This means that it refers not only to your appearance, but to the set of skills, traits, and experiences that define you. Personal branding gives the opportunity to detail a person according to what they show, it is a combination between your personality, what you do, and what you can achieve.

In other words, Personal Brand is your message to the world. Effective personal brand management will help generate a positive perception. This will help you in different areas, whether professional, commercial or other. The personal brand is what distinguishes your project from the competition. Society today does not consume what it does not know. Establishing your personal brand is what will make them choose you and distinguish you from the rest of your competitors.

Personal Brand Building – How do you create a brand for yourself?

Implementing personal branding without purpose is meaningless. This means that the essence of this concept is to generate an impact on the community, and to create a good perception of you. So it is important to take into consideration these aspects to build a successful personal brand:

positive effect

Your presence in the community must have a clear positive impact, with experiences and skills that will help people find a solution to a problem, learn something, provide an important consultation, put forward ideas, or transfer experience…etc. This will make you have a local impact, and that impact may extend to be global. Trying to make this impact positive, is the best way to make your brand grow. Because this will make people remember you for your socially valuable actions, skills, and experiences, rather than self-promotion, which is more effective.

tell a story

An empty, stale, personal branding is not going to make any impact. The best thing you can do is tell a story, so your followers feel they have the potential to interact. This will create greater convergence. Your story must be an inspiration, a lesson, an experience, an idea…etc. The more fun, interesting, expressive and inspiring your story is, the more your audience will interact with you.

the focus

One of the most important factors for personal brand success is focus, make your message specific and clear. Keep your message and content consistent with one specialized topic, to become impactful and memorable within a target community. The narrower and more focused your brand is, the easier it will be for people to remember you. In other words, focus, specialization and a clear, specific message will be your path to success.

Clear vision and goal setting

You must have a clear vision and specific goals. This is because working randomly is useless. Define specific steps to achieve goals and a clear vision, while coordinating them with your main message and your personal brand identity. If you can coordinate between the three, you will achieve success with these deliberate steps. Most important of all, is to accurately identify and define your target audience.

Be real..original..distinctive

Whenever you are real in interacting with your audience, without deception or falsification, you will be able to create a successful and fast personal brand. We have become highly able to differentiate between the real and the fake, and if your audience and followers feel your sincerity, your credibility and trust in you will increase, and this will contribute to the faster growth of your personal brand. Then, through you, you can continue to provide meaningful, real and distinctive content, all of which are factors that help you gain fame, spread your brand, and increase your audience base.

Follow your passion…Live your brand

If your passion is the same as your goal and mission in life, and if you employ your passion correctly and can live it, it will reach your followers much faster. The idea of living your brand is a great idea to achieve personal brand success. As mentioned earlier, the importance of being authentic and authentic means that if your message is against or far from your passion, you will never be able to strike a balance. Follow your passion Make your passion your message in life, and then live your brand honestly, to reach your audience faster.

Identify your strengths…and strengthen your weaknesses

At the beginning of establishing a personal brand, we advise you to focus on your strengths and not be preoccupied with your weaknesses. First, take advantage of your strengths to help you build your personal brand. And don’t waste your time focusing on addressing your weaknesses. This will give you strength and self-confidence, you will reach your audience and make them trust you too. As for the weaknesses, you can strengthen them later and work to address them, after you have already started to establish the personal brand. But if you initially concern yourself with your strengths, you will run out of energy and be a hindrance.

Be prepared to fail!

Failure is hard, and we all want to avoid it in general, that’s human nature. However to establish a successful personal brand, you may need to fail!

Walt Disney talked about this often, when he recalled his first failed attempts, to create an animation brand. That’s where he said, “I think it’s important to have a hard failure when you’re young. I learned a lot from it. Because it makes you aware of what could happen to you.” The best brands always come from repeated trial, mistakes and failures and not from instant perfection. It is not a shame to fail at the beginning, it is a shame to give up with the first failure while you are at the beginning of the road.

Follow a successful example

Those interested in personal branding need to start marketing themselves like the celebrities and influencers they look up to every day. The success of this often comes by studying the trends and celebrities on different social media platforms, and then implementing them as they evolve to suit you. Don’t try to imitate, but you can benefit from tracking successful strategies and adapting them to suit you. It is also a great motivational factor that motivates you to continue to reach the success you want.

Define your target audience

For the success of all the previous factors, in building a personal brand or personal brand. You must first define your target audience, just identify the nature of your target audience, know their requirements and what they need and are looking for. You can develop an interactive content plan, and create a strong relationship with your audience and followers. Always look for what your audience needs, it is the first and most important factor for a successful and fast personal brand.

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